We live in the air. On the road. And online. In that regard, we are all wanderers. From soccer moms to business executives, we share a common experience: the night before we travel, we find ourselves scrambling to find the supplies we need. We waste time running to stores, only to find limited choices and empty shelves. Learning from inconvenience, we launched the first subscription-based travel kit for wanderers just like us. Our kits keep you forever-ready: All your favorite brands, in the sizes you need, at the best prices, backed by 20 years of know-how, delivered straight to your door (or wherever your adventures take you). Welcome to Ben Lido. Wander Well.

We’re here to stir your spirit of adventure. To seduce your instinct for exploration. To be that constant whisper in your ear saying: “let’s do this”... and when you’re ready to go, to make sure you’re prepared.

- Drew Rayman, Co-founder

SINCE 1984

We are our namesake. There really is a Ben Lido, and an Autumn Lido too (his sister). Since 1984, the Lidos have sold millions of travel kits. This is our heritage: keeping wanderers stocked with travel essentials at a fair price.