We live for adventure, from meeting friends at the neighborhood coffee shop to vacationing on distant shores, soccer moms to business executives, we are wanderers all, and we share a common experience: the night before we travel, we find ourselves running to the nearest CVS or Walgreens in hopes of finding our favorite travel supplies. The right toothpaste, shampoos, sunscreens, etc. in the right TSA approved carry-on sizes. And if they’re out, we just make do with whatever we find on the road. A sure-fire recipe to kill spontaneity. There had to be a better way.

Ben Lido keeps you ready. Every kit is hand-packed with your favorite brands, the products that you choose. That means zero waste. Every bag has a handle for quick grab-and-go and is made from sustainable materials. We have hundreds of more choices than your local retailer, and we’re happy to deliver to your doorstep (or anywhere).

For the record, we’re not a made-up brand. There really is a Ben Lido, and an Autumn Lido too (his sister). Since 1984, the Lido’s have sold millions of travel kits to wanderers. This is our heritage: keeping wanderers stocked with travel essentials at a fair price.

We’re here to stimulate your spirit of adventure. To seduce you to wander and explore. To be the constant whisper in your ear saying: “Let’s do this”. And when you’re ready to go, to make sure you’re prepared.